Monday, January 31, 2011

Management Team, Part III: Princess Nur

Princess Nur joined our family a week after Meli Topaz. They actually had lived in the same house, along with our cat, Isis, who left us almost two years ago. Princess Nur is a lovely black and white tuxedo but, despite the rather masculine attire, she is every inch a lady. She is our acrocat - she eats on top of the refrigerator, leaping effortlessly from the floor to the stove, to the microwave to the top of the refrigerator. Actually, I've been making her jump from the microwave to my shoulder to the fridge so we have a little "thing" just the two of us can do; she puts up with that quite gracefully. I also call her my "Package Cat" because she's just the right size for holding in my arms and giving scratches and rubs, which she loves.

Princess Nur has had a tough time; she lost her best friend, Agamemnon Gilgamesh ("Memnon") in 2005 and she's never really recovered. She tried to become friends with Gus, who tolerated her but her feelings were, by and large, unrequited, so I've been trying really hard to fill the gap. She's thoroughly sweet and keeps me company every night. I don't think I could get a decent night's sleep if I didn't have at least one cat on the bed (and the more, the better!)

Don came over and spent many hours shooting pottery yesterday. We got quite a lot accomplished, with the help of our supervisory staff (mostly Rameses and Doni). We've nailed down the dates for the Hanging Bird Bowl Workshop at Firebrick Gallery and Pottery Studio in Rochester - three Tuesday evenings, starting March 15 - we'd love to have you join us! Go to the Firebrick website ( for more information.

Lots of snow coming, or so they say - be safe!

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