Monday, December 1, 2008

The Odd Note and Observation

Although I love what I do, there are times I feel that trying to make it as a professional artist, gardener and public speaker is, in a phrase, a brutal way to make a living. (I especially feel this way as I'm loading up my poor Saturn wagon with twelve boxes of pottery, a canopy and weights, two tables, a cordless drill and other various and sundry "stuff" for yet another trek to parts unknown.) Even the merest words of appreciation are balm to my perplexed spirit (and aching body). So, when I received the following after giving my "Establishing and Maintaining Winter Interest" presentation for the Milford Garden Club in October, I felt pretty darn good:

I want to thank you for inspiring me to embrace the season and to look for beauty in any season in the garden and yard! Your presentation to the Milford Garden Club a few weeks ago really inspired me to get out of my "winter is coming funk" and do things now to enhance my winter landscape. I have uplighted a dogwood and a Japanese maple and have left snow catching stalks in my perennial beds. I knew to do these things - I just needed you to motivate me. Thanks!
Lisa Willard

Thank you, Lisa, for letting me know it really is worth all the effort!

During the craziness that was the summer of 2008, Dr. Ralph Stuckman, Managing Editor for The Potter's Shed on the Art-to-Art Palette site (, contacted me to contribute to the "Potter Asks" portion of the site. You can get some more insight as to what drives me as an artist (and human being, for that matter). Thanks to Ralph for his interest!

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