Friday, March 4, 2011

Staff: Cheryl M. English

Don was over again this weekend, doing some head shots of the single staff person with Black Cat Pottery (that's me, by the way).  We had a pretty good time but I have a new appreciation for how boring it must be work in films - lots of sitting around, waiting for the lighting to work, for the extras (in this case, members of the Management Team) to settle down, get the camera positioned correctly and only then realizing we need a different lens.  Rameses and Princess Nur were not really interested in the entire process; Dora and Alex really conveyed different personalities; especially Dora - she looks positively FIERCE!

But here we are - I'm only putting in a three because I see more than enough of myself in the mirror in the morning.

Heading out to Midland this afternoon for Dow Gardens Know & Grow after I finish my speaking engagement with Grosse Pointe Shores Garden Club (always a delightful group of ladies); then down to East Lansing for Wildflower Association of Michigan.  A quick stop home to make sure the place hasn't burned down and back up to EL for Michigan Herb Associates.  Good thing my friend Jeanne (known as "Auntie Jeanne" to the Management Team) can hang with them while I go make a living.

Don't forget about the upcoming Hanging Birdbath Workshop at Firebrick Gallery in Rochester, MI.  Check out their link at the bottom left of this page.

Hope to see you soon!

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