Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More News about Open House!

This will be quick as I'm gardening(!) for Sandy and Bob this morning, then down to Rovin to pick up the glazes Stephanie has been mixing for me, then maybe up to Mt. Clemens to get some of the amazing breakfast bars from the Mt. Clemens Bakery (try them with Maranatha Creamy Roasted Almond Butter - a to-die-for combination for whom I must credit my friend Theresa), then - I'm not sure. Anyway, before I "start" my day, wanted to put the word out that we will also be featuring a selection of Chris Hopp's Farmbrook Designs hypertufa pieces (check out his website at and some of Tim Hanks's Bird Homes by Tim beautiful handmade redwood birdhouses with vintage hardware (his site's at at the Open House. (Check out the pix!) Not sure the guys will have time to hang with us but I've invited them both to stick around for the festivities! So, even more excitement for you here at Black Cat Pottery on December 11, 2010, from 10:00am to 4:00pm (no stragglers - I have important dinner plans!)

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